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The activity of Israeli football is arranged according to a compilation of bye-laws that determine each - according to its particular field - the "rules of the game" that obligate all the teams who are members of the Association; thus, for example, the bye-laws of the championships set down the rules for the games of the different leagues, the articles regarding budget control its audit procedures, and the rules according to which the authority runs, and so forth. The management of the Association is the authoritative body authorized to set down the articles of the Assocation (except for the founding articles and the articles for the supreme court, that are initialized by authority of the general meeting. (The founding articles provide that the articles of FIFA – the World Football Association) and UEFA  - the European Football Association) are those that apply and obligate the Association, the teams and all those who work within its framework.

The founding articles, the articles of the supreme court and the disciplinary rules regulate the creation and activity and powers of the legal system of the Association, that is, the supreme court and disciplinary court. The activities and powers of the arbitration institute and the institute for the status of the player are similarly organized in the articles of the arbitration institute and in the articles of registration.

The judges of the court and the arbitrators adjudicate according to the best of their knowledge and judgement and according to the bye-laws of the Association.

The bye-laws of the Association apply to and are binding on the football teams and those who work within its framework – players, trainers, and other functionaries, such as football referees and authorized agents and all these are similarly subject to the decisions of the these judicial institutions.

The bye-law and judicial systems have been in effect since the creation of the Association as a result of the authority that was given to the Association by FIFA.

Within the framework of the Sport Law, that was enacted in 1988, guidelines were determined regarding the authority of the Association and unions to create bye-laws which would ensure the proper working of the field that they control and which would obligate the Sport Unions, the sportsmen and other people with positions within that field (section 10 of the Law) and with regard to the exclusive authority of the internal judicial system which was determined by the bye-laws of the Association, to discuss and to decide matters connected to the activity within the framework of the Association (section  11 of the Law).

The bye-law and judicial system form the basis for the activities of the Association from which the Association derives its power to run and manage football in Israel.


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