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About the Committees

The central institutions of the Association are not able to discuss themselves all the matters and all the details concerning the activities of the Association and to make conclusions regarding them.

Like the Parliament of Israel and in different companies, most of the preparation for the discussions, formulation of policy, and discussions on different topics take place in the different subcommittees, who are subject to the management. The committees do not have authority to make decisions or hold executive power, and their decisions are only recommendations which are passed on to the proper parties for approval [generally either the secretariat or the plenary session of the management.]

The committees discuss proposals and different subjects that require clarification or correction and present their recommendations for decision of the executive and legislative institutions.

Aside from this, these committees supervise the activities of the administrative departments responsible for management and implementation. As head of each committee, the management appoints one of its members, and he is the one who convenes the committee, determines the agenda and presides over its meetings. Each is required to keep an organized, detailed agenda of each meeting which will accurately represent those present at the meeting and its content.

The majority of these subcommittees are composed of people from the world of football and representatives of the sports' centers operating within the framework of the Association and the teams, some of whom of course are members of the management and hold senior positions (chairman, deputy chairman, general manager). The composition of the committees is not fixed and it changes from time to time, while adhering strictly to the balance of power among the centers. By virtue of their positions, the chairman and assistant chairman participate in the discussions of the committees while the quorum for the meetings requires the presence of 50% of the members of the committee.

List of committees
Committee nameCommittee Chairman
League and Cup CommitteeAdv. Ori Shilo
Professional CommitteeIzhak 'Iche' Menachem
Financial CommitteeArie Zaif
Tenders CommitteeArie Zaif
Inspection CommitteeJacob Shefi
Regulations Update CommitteeDr. Dana Pugach, Adv.
Youth CommitteeNathan Slovatik
Education and Explanation CommitteeBen Caspit
Medical CommitteeMichael Weissman
Amateur Leagues CommitteeMichael Weissman
Futsal CommitteeAvi Levi
Womens CommitteeAvi Luzon
The Stelmach Foundation Scholarship CommitteeArie Rosenzweig
The Nachum Stelmach Foundation Executive MemebersArie Rosenzweig
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